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Or don't, as you see fit Lee.
I kinda like that you've used ibogaine so many times, and continue to see it 
as a learning tool, even after using it so many times already.

"Unless your past perishes, you are doomed.
Do you know that?
Your future must differ from your past.
The future must always differ from the past."
Sophia, in "Valis"- Philip K. Dick

Peace and love,
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For real, was fun to meet you Lee and everyone at the show but if I
was to peg the most egotistical and ill peeps in the room, that would
be you and Daniel Pinchbeck. Love all of you, but I'd hold off on
maybe planning to heal the world and get to yourself first. Well
balanced and healthy do not come to mind when thinking of either one
of you. Speaking to you and not including Pinchbeck, well doing up
iboga 900 times maybe says you need to solve some of your probs
without it and maybe use it as a escape not a healing tool. Smoke a
bowl and lighten up!


On 3/14/06, Mark Corcoran <mcorcoran27 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Lee! It was great to meet you. We really are one big disfunctional
> family when all is said and done, arent we.  And I don't think I'd want it
> any other way.
> Okay thats all for me right now. Gonna go sprinkle some Eboga on my
> cornflakes. ;o)
> Love -Mark
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> Dear list,
> Firstly, it was nice to finally meet real people rather than email
> addresses. Hi to everyone who was at the conference. As the title of my
> forum discussion stated: Ibogaine - Source of Revelation. It certainly was 
> a
> revelation for me.
> Coming back from NY I reflected on my experience there and realized that
> healing is in some ways a fringe aspect of the ibogaine movement - the
> science/dependence treatment and legalization issues taking most of the 
> time
> perhaps. Fortunately we do not have the same legalisation problems here in
> europe.
> Also, it seems to me that in my time on the ibogaine list the real and
> present issues of people needing to have an initial treatment made ongoing
> healing discussions on the list somewhat inappropriate. I believe in the
> power of Eboga to heal and I also believe that healing should take place 
> in
> a safe environment.
> This is why I feel its important to widen the scope of ibogaine for 
> chemical
> dependence into, eboga for healing of trauma and spiritual growth,
> officially. That has always been my intention and the primary motivation 
> of
> my work and is a growing and much needed area.
> So I would like to state that as of now there is "An Eboga Movement" under
> the auspices of www.myeboga.org and it will consist of 3 pillars:
> 1. Spirituality.
> 2. Education.
> 3. Service.
> When the first conference is held one day, hopefully within 3 years, I 
> hope
> to draw together people from complementary areas to Eboga with an active
> interest in Eboga such as:
> Emotional Release
> Buddhism
> Counselling
> Medicine
> Harm Reduction
> Family Counselling
> Divination
> Sign Language
> Support Networks
> Art & Music Therapy
> Shamanism & Mysticism
> Anthropology
> Sexuality
> These are the areas that spring to mind. Anyone out there on the ibogaine
> list or eboga list who is interested in being apart of this conference 
> which
> may, Eboga willing, take place in Spain or another european country in 3
> years time, please write to me off list and I will keep a record of your
> name.
> For those who may have missed it. I posted my prepared talk on the web 
> site:
> www.myeboga.org/COSM-LA-Feb-2006.doc
> Warm regards,
> Lee Albert
> PS. Thank you Alex Gey for such a wonderful setting and thank you Dana for
> the invite/hospitality and flight over.
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