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Here in New Zealand we have MMP which I think stands for Multiple Moronic
Politicians, so instead of FFPP (first Fekkers Past the Post) the highest
voted parties get so many seats in parliament, which is good in that there
are more voices but because we are such a small country it's not really
economically viable to have all those fat bellies on higher salaries.  
That's about all I understand of it lol, I hate the whole system and all
they seem to do is fight like cats n dogs and nothing productive gets done
to help this country out.
Anyone WANTING to be a politician should be instantly banned from being one.
Luff n fluffy ducks
Koiky xx

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>>Thanks for posting that, Tink.  Reminds me that those of y'all with
>>parliamentary democracies actually seem to have far more democratic
>>governments than the Stazi Americana.

yeah... i've often gotten that impression. i think a lot of the problem 
is our two party system (which would really be more accurately described 
as a one party system, seeing how alike the republicans and dems have 
gotten in the past decade or so).

i think there's a bit more diversity in the voices in government in 
places like canada, england etc... and that diversity means a lot i think.

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