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wow, Warren, there's not a single thing I can think of off the top of my 
head to help you feel better- except to say I too have had that little pill 
problem on and off due to steady, unrelenting pain issues (still ever 
present, damn the pain). But I'm doing well today, and didn't think it 
possible- so there may very well be hope, despite the chance it doesn't look 
like it to you now.
This probably hasn't helped you at all, but maybe just knowing others are 
reading your words and thinking about you will.
Peace and love.

"Unless your past perishes, you are doomed.
Do you know that?
Your future must differ from your past.
The future must always differ from the past."
Sophia, in "Valis"- Philp K. Dick

Peace and love,
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> Right. So much about the loss of more human rights for self control of 
> body
> and mind.   As I was immediately off on a tangent due to this internal 
> anger
> from all the failures to act. I have been  interested in Ibogaine since I
> discovered the subject on the Internet several years ago. If it had been
> legal treatment 35 years ago, I wouldn't have lost three friends and my
> brother to the ravages of heroin and alcohol.  I have had a little tablet
> problem for some years first as a way of making my legs and feet stop
> killing me all the time, to needing more and more, plus more  because of
> real injuries to my back, shoulder and elbow nerves. Now,  just one or two
> #4's a day to keep my legs and or feet from killing me.  But its still
> making me fell like crap anyway. A year ago I was clean for two months 
> until
> my legs just wouldn't get better after the  worst part of the withdrawals
> went away. It took four days from cold turkey to maximum body pain, then a
> slow taper down that lasted at least a month. I almost killed myself with 
> a
> needle over  a decade ago and it was like seeing the angel of death slowly
> appearing in a fog in front of me as I struggled to keep awake. I must 
> have
> had a guardian angel with me as I managed to stay away the whole night 
> with
> the help of a friend. The worst headache I ever had for three days, 
> really.
> Absolutely no fun at all. Two weeks later it was probably the same dose 
> that
> killed my friend. Only I don't drink and he had most of a 40 ounce beer 
> gone
> when I found him covered with ants.
> Then I  found that codeine helped to cover up the pain of the loss of my
> best friend.  At the end of 99 and the beginning of 2000, I also lost my
> other best friend and also my brother to suicides. Something seemed to go
> away from inside my brain when they were gone. There is this lingering
> emptiness. And on top of that I've been put through the wringer by my
> inconsiderate neighbors' loud dogs for 6 years. The dogs have gotten 
> better
> and worse at times since I moved here 6 years ago. The City of Los Angeles
> Animal Regulation Supervisor was from hell. Should not have been in the 
> job.
> No luck fighting against idiot bureaucrats and neighbors. The resulting
> anger and frustration has gotten me into a deep depression that seemed to 
> me
> like it was my fault that my Father just died of a stroke at 84. Just 
> before
> Christmas he had a stroke and died Feb 1.
> So for the most part I want to stay out of politics. Another  time I tried
> to write this message board a note about my quest for a new beginning
> instead of the same old loss of joie de vivre, the message got bounced 
> back.
> Then again I  felt better that I didn't get to show so much negativity. 
> Next
> question is: Why it is so important to fight a trillion dollar war against
> dangerous narcotics and stimulants, fighting in vain against the Human
> animal nature to be victim of the diabolical Pavlovian reward system that
> the drugs offer. And denying one of the most effective drugs Mother Nature
> provided Earthlings as a cure.  Unless there is more money to be made by a
> perpetual Orwellian War Against Anything and Everything than money saved 
> by
> keeping people off of dangerous drugs. And who really is showing any
> sensitivity for human life and dignity from this current US government?
> There seems to be no scientific logic for Ibogaine not to be as legal  for
> treating the chemical imbalance caused by chronic drug use as Vanblastine 
> is
> for treating cancer. They both have similarities in structure and
> Vinblastine is also very much more toxic. But then again, no one who will
> change things tomorrow is listening or cares about "logic".  Right now I'm
> having a hard time trying to figure to how to juggle being broke, 
> depressed,
> out of work and maintaining sanity while also trying to figure out how to
> get into the right treatment program before and after Ibogaine. I am 
> really
> tired of feeling just plain bad all the time.
> Warren
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