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Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
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Tick (another second gone) tock (cool now it's nearly sunrise) tick (fuk
it's cold smoking out here) tock(yeh yeh nuvva second and it'll be a whole 5
seconds later yay gibber gibber gibber gibber gibber)
Yeh works like a farking charm that does
Kirk, going mental.

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>I am just taking it hour by hour, day by day.<

One of the best (and only...well, not "only" but nearly "only") thing I ever

took from NA and other "rooms" was the above tactic- take it day by day, or 
hour by hour, or even minute by minutes. Whatever it takes (oops, there's 
another one from the "rooms") to keep yourself alive, happy and out of 
trouble, by all means, do it.
Very happy to hear from you Guy.
Keep posting, please.
Peace and love.

"Found her out in a field about a mile from home
Her dress was warm from the sun but her body was cold.
Heard a policeman say it's 'just another overdose.'
Just another overdose.
Yes she used to be the kind of lover you would never leave.
She'd do anything to give me what I need for my disease.
She would do anything."
Everclear- "Heroin Girl"

Peace and love,
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Hi everybody, I have been reading you all every day and good to know I'm not

Its been 16 days since my ibo blast and still clean. Must say that I have 
been struggling a bit physically with stomach cramps, sweaty palms, 
headaches etc. But they are dealable with. Stuff keeps coming back to me 
from the Ibo blast and everyday my thinking seems clearer and for the first 
time ever I can recognize old dangerous patterns and triggers and how to 
avoid them. I realize that if I use again it may be the last thing I ever 
do. I have this overwhelming feeling that I have been given a last chance. 
This scares me, especially with my history of relapse!!!. I am just taking 
it hour by hour, day by day.. Each morning that I wake up feels better than 
the morning before. I can also for the first time see the hole that I had 
been digging. Now I am standing at the bottom of my hole and I realise how 
much work I have to do to full it in. But thank God I have stopped digging 
it any deeper. I originally had planned to take off about one week from 
work, this has become two and I go back to work on Monday. I have a high 
stress job in which I am expected perform without excuses. I feel I will be 
ready by Monday!?!?!
I thank the "big power thing" that I am alive today and clean and am 
planning on doing what ever it takes to stay this way.

Love and strength to all.
We have to believe we can beat our disease.

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