[Ibogaine] ali g's in-depth investigation into drugs

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
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Bloody hell you bastards with broadband.  Find smaller downloads lol.
Do you get Ali G's show over there?  Bloody funny man.  Specially his
Russian character, Borat.
Check this out if you don't http://www.disbealig.com/ 
yous need to check da ali g show coz it is for real well wicked and some
well wicked material on 'erbal remedy. i do 'ope yous all get to check 'im
one day.
(have fun with the translation section lol)
Kirk xx

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I nearly got myself in trouble waking up V, sleeping soundly behind me, when

watching the following video just now, unable to keep from laughing out loud

at parts.


Peace and love.
"Found her out in a field about a mile from home
Her dress was warm from the sun but her body was cold.
Heard a policeman say it's 'just another overdose.'
Just another overdose.
Yes she used to be the kind of lover you would never leave.
She'd do anything to give me what I need for my disease.
She would do anything."
Everclear- "Heroin Girl"

Peace and love,
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