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Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
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Yayy thx Randy, though I still stand by the Wierdo title.. Lol

Yehhhh man, Jasen is like that....we just have to remember all the shit he
gave us in past lives LMAO.....

Just waiting to hear back from massage therapist..if you can Randy, if this
therapist you want to go to is a professional, she'll handle anything that
"pops up" with cool and professionalism.  Very common for guys, us girls can
hide it a bit better lol.  Just ask her to stay away from the Gluts. That
apparently is the "raising" area. Lol  But get some done. it's holding my
recovery back.  Pain sux. I got two whiplashes untreated (farking Dunedin
drivers grrrrrrr)

Did I mention how amazing my daughter is?  She's been such a rock since
everyone left.  Love her heaps.

And alla ewes...

Koiky xxxx



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I was wondering if anyone else got a sensitivity in their jaw after doing
Ibogaine, coming off methadone

Kirk, I got some kind of weird sensation coming off of methadone like you
are describing. When I would start to eat it was like my mouth was super
sensitive and would water and hurt like that. Sounds just like what you are
describing. It will go away soon if you are at day 14. By the way I love the
photo. You and Jasen looked so much like I imagined you would it gave me
cold chills. Especially Jasen. I swear I knew just what he looked like.
Love and Kiwi's    Randy.

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