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The blog has nothing to do with ibogaine and is mostly about the
author's infatuation with Alex Grey, but it has a good photo from what
was probably the COSM conference: 



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> In a message dated 3/6/06 6:43:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> mcorcoran27 at hotmail.com writes:
> > Randy- Hang in there bro. This too shall pass
> Thanx Marc, I hope your right. I don't feel like this will ever pass.
> I feel 
> like I have lost a loved one or something. I suffer from depression
> and may 
> even be a little manic. I'm not a shrink I don't know, I just know
> that watching 
> everybody else go about life it looks so easy to do but impossible
> for me to 
> accomplish. I can get things done no doubt about it but sometimes I
> shut down 
> and isolate. That's where I am right now. Locked in a hotel room
> feeling 
> miserable and frightened. I know who is reading this sometimes and I
> don't care 
> anymore I'm writing this for my own sanity. I personally think that
> anything said 
> here should stay here but maybe that's just the AA in me, I know it's
> not 
> that way. So fuckin' be it. I aint said Blow Me here in a while maybe
> that is my 
> problem. I know what I want to do and I know I have the best
> intentions I'm 
> just screwed in the head like everybody else here. He He I already
> feel better 
> just writing. I'm making a plan Mark. It aint easy to do right now
> with what 
> I've got to work with but I'll get past this. I know it. I refuse to
> let the 
> fuckers grind me down like Gatewood Galbreth likes to say. O by the
> way yall, 
> Gatewood is putting his book out in paper back and it has an updated
> chapter in 
> it about Ibogaine. He's a great dude. I'm not spamming the list here
> for him I 
> just thought you all would like to know about it.    PS Peaches and
> Regalia is 
> a Frank Zappa instrumental with George Duke on keyboards (I think)
> Preston    
>     Thanx for the cyber hugs. Even you NIck, I trust your intentions.
> Randy

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