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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Tue Mar 7 06:59:40 EST 2006

Yeah, I gotta second Randy here. Great poem, thanks.
Peace and love.
"Nobody said it would be fair.
But in the end I think it is.
Karma, justice, whatever you call it,
it's really there just keep looking for it.
Nobody said it would be fair.
They warned you before you went out there.
But there's always a chance to get restarted,
to a new world, new life, scarred but smarter."
Drivin' and Cryin'- "Scarred but Smarter"

Peace and love,
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Hello all,

I'm a little nervous about posting for the first time, but Tink's last
post to Randy made me think of this [see poem, included below], and
maybe it will be of some help to you, Randy.

I've been lurking for only a few weeks and (believe it or not!) I feel
very connected to many of you!

With warm wishes and respect,

Tiger, thanx for sending that poem. It helps for sure. I'm glad to see you 
here. I've been trying to sort things out today myself and haven't said much 
of anything to anybody. My feelings have ruled me all of my life and once 
again I let them make an ass of me. I don't know what to say or do at this 
point. I've been told some pretty good advice lately and I plan to implement 
some of it. I hope to hear more from you in the future.     Love and light 

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