Murder, poison and destruction good, druggies BAD!

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Hi all,
    How anyone can still support these fascist maniacs is beyond me, 
PARTICULARLY those who call themselves "christians." Egad. What in the world 
would the "real" Jesus say today, if he appeared one day and saw what is and 
has been done in his name, over and over again? I imagine he's gonna be 
pretty darned pissed off. But then, he might also advise turning the other 
cheek, so who knows, the "real" Jesus might simply love us all, including 
the out-and-out criminals I discuss in the following blog, regardless of the 
henious crimes our leaders commit in our name, using our taxes while denying 
us all universal health care.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Murder, poison and destruction good, druggies BAD!
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"The links between drug abuse, deprivation, unemployment and certain types 
of criminal behaviour are well known. None of these, individually or 
collectively, cause drug abuse any more than drug abuse is the sole cause of 
crime, poverty and unemployment."

So reads the latest Report of the International Narcotics Control Board 
2005, which can be read in its entirety at this URL:

While this is simply common sense to anyone who stops to think about it with 
an open mind, those in control of the War on Some Drugs and Users would 
prefer none of us read this sort of thing, and will quite probably ignore 
this report, just as they have every other report decrying the insane WOSDU 
that's come out since Nixon declared his ultra-destructive, fascist WOSDU 
30-odd years ago.

As a matter of fact, many of the maniacs who once worked with and/or for 
Nixon are back in office today, like Richard "the Dick" Cheney, who not only 
has nearly equal powers to the President, the first time in history this is 
the case.

As Syndey Blumenthal reported for last week:

"On March 25, 2003, President Bush signed Executive Order 13292, a hitherto 
little known document that grants the greatest expansion of the power of the 
vice president in American history. The order gives the vice president the 
same ability to classify intelligence as the president. By controlling 
classification, the vice president can in effect control intelligence and, 
through that, foreign policy."

The Dick is the very same asshole who claimed while serving under the first 
Bush Presidency that all those crimes committed during Iran-Contra were 
simple "mistakes" and that Congress was acting out of line by curtailing the 
powers of the President to commit yet more crimes.

As John Dean, another former Nixon lackey and now outspoken critic of the 
current Bush cartel, put it in his recent article for describing 
how Cheney's mind set has changed little since his days defending and 
kissing the first Bush ass while royally screwing over the citizenry:

"The majority report asserted that the entire affair 'was characterized by 
pervasive dishonesty and inordinate secrecy.' But Cheney authored a minority 
report - joined by several other Republicans, though not all.

    Cheney's report took a very different view: He called the failures of 
the Reagan White House to comply with the laws 'mistakes,' insisting they 
'were just that - mistakes in judgment and nothing more.'

    These so-called mistakes were actually serious criminal offenses 
according to Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh, who successfully prosecuted 
some eight Reagan officials for their mistakes. All eight, however, either 
had their verdicts reversed on technicalities, or were pardoned by President 
George H.W. Bush. The George W. administration hired many of these people, 
and has made the records of George H.W. Bush disappear.

     Somewhat astoundingly, Cheney's minority report not only defended the 
White House's lawbreaking but also scolded Congress for passing the relevant 
laws in the first place. Congress, he argued, was 'abusing its power' when 
it adopted laws restricting the president's spending of money to aide the 
Nicaraguan Contras. 'Congress must recognize that effective foreign policy 
requires, and the Constitution mandates, the President to be the country's 
foreign policy leader,' Cheney's report declared, ignoring the fact the 
Constitution gives Congress exclusive power over the purse."

Meanwhile, Depleted Uranium, highly toxic material used by both the US and 
Great Britain in many of their newfangled favorite weapons, is drifting 
through the air into British airspace, meaning that every other country 
between the Middle East and Afghanistan and Great Britain has probably also 
had a huge influx of Depleted Uranium drifting into their airspace too.

"The highest levels of depleted uranium ever measured in the atmosphere in 
Britain, were transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central 
Asia; of special significance were those from the Tora Bora bombing in 
Afghanistan in 2001, and the 'Shock & Awe' bombing during Gulf War II in 
Iraq in 2003.

Out of concern for the public, the official British government air 
monitoring facility, known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), at 
Aldermaston, was established years ago to measure radioactive emissions from 
British nuclear power plants and atomic weapons facilities.

The British government facility (AWE) was taken over 3 years ago by 
Halliburton, which refused at first to release air monitoring data to Dr. 
Busby, as required by law."

What this means is that The Dick's "former" corporation, Halliburton, is 
involved in covering up the damaging effects of DU. This also means that 
heroin and opium aren't the only illicit substance being spread across the 
globe since the US and Britain invaded. The cutthroat maniacs of the 
Northern Alliance, that drug-funded army we handed Afghanistan to, were only 
ones still growing poppies when the US and Britain invaded in 2001 (we'd 
just given the Taliban $43 million in "humanitarian aid" in May, 2001, due 
to their having destroyed most of that year's crops- but not their 
stockpiles of course- thereby earning the aid as a "cooperating War on Some 
Drugs and Users partner" of the US prohibitionistic Nazis.


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to expect.
Needle in the hay. Needle in the hay.
He's wearing new clothes, head down to toes,
a reaction to you.
You say you know what he did
to idiot kid who don't have a clue.
Sometime they just get caught in the eye.
You're pulling him through.
Needle in the hay. Needle in the hay.
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I can be myself, I can be myself when
I don't want to talk.
Taking the cure, so I can be quiet,
whereever I want.
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