[Ibogaine] Daniel Pinchbeck's new book in NY Times

Dave Brockman davebroc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 23:16:53 EDT 2006

Hahahaahahhahahahahahaha, you are pwn3d vec, cold cold cold.

That will be my film project this fall, MindVox Star Wars, the
ibogaine part anyway.

The Emperor = Miss Mash
ObiWan = Howard
Darth Vader on acid = Patrick

ok so I ripped that from old convos I've already read on here and none
of those were my invention, let me expand!

Vec = you're the rat running around, until you have a comeback, sorry
but Nick got u.
Ed can be Jar Jar binks
Nick you can be either Han Solo or Chewbacca, but i like Han solo and
its my list so I call it and I'm sorry but that makes you Chewbacca,
so go fix my computer now.
Preston is Princess Leia

Biscuit Boy can be Luke Skywalker, but dad why did you cut off my
hand, I was following your doctrine? oh, you don't have any doctrine,
shit, wrong script!

Lee Albert can be Mace Windu

i don't remember who most of the rest of you are right now, i'm going
to order pizza and turn off the computer.

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> >You know what Vector, whenever I read your posts, I ve found myself
> >pestered by these images of star wars... Jabba the Hut and the mouse that
> >runs round his ankles...I'll let you work out which I see is you.
> Now thats what I find is funny. And i'll tell you another thing, it's kept
> me amused for at least half an hour.
> So what do you want left brain or right....Oh my God...there I go
> again...drone.

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