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Dave Brockman davebroc at
Fri Jun 30 23:04:52 EDT 2006

MindVox is a memetic virus from inner space, didn't know darth vader
on acid had a book of doctrine to follow, other then beware emperor
Mash. use the force Patrick, free the data, all information wants to
be free right mr. black hat.

If I could I'd exhale through the monitor and share good vibes with
all of you, suck my bong.

Has anyone here gone to a voyager group with the monroe inst before?
I'm thinking I will go in August, anyone up for it?

On 6/30/06, BiscuitBoy714 at <BiscuitBoy714 at> wrote:
> In a message dated 6/30/06 8:24:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> maseshipley at writes:
> Biscuitboy I don't know you at all, but reading your words here you
>  seem to be honest with yourself and while you could do much worse then
>  Patrick as a leader or role model, I would say that maybe in addition
>  to everything else you find here, you might try to find a meeting that
>  you like, keep looking and I think you might be surprised, a little
>  group support from different groups could go a long way. Take what you
>  find useful and leave the rest, dang there I go again with 12 step
>  cliches that apply so well to almost everything I've found here :-)
>  -Mase
>        Mase, I'm going to be as honest as I can here. I was in AA for 10
> years. I learned a lot. My sponsor taught me how to play music in bars
> without drinking myself into fucking up all the songs during the last set.
> In other words he helped me to play without drinking and I will forever be
> in debt to him for it. I still say the serenity prayer just about every day.
> Sometimes quite a few times a day. I found faith, I found confidence and I
> found a whole bunch of screwed up women just like
> me................................. I didn't say that. I
> still apply all the slogans that are stuck in my head. I still try to live
> one day at a time. BUT, at my home group which is a gratitude group I
> thanked God for the Bwiti tribe in Africa for bringing about Ibogaine that
> is helping addicts all over the world and you would have thought that I was
> advocating some kind of take over or something. It went over like a fart in
> a scuba tank. That was the last meeting I have went to. As for Patrick being
> my leader or anyone else for that matter, I just want their knowledge. I
> give props to the people I think deserve it and he does for having this
> list. I have an agenda, I'll get it done. It may take me a little while but
> I have my own idea's about some things. Besides where else can you get away
> with writing twisted stories about crop circles or Nard Tingledick and his
> herd of river otters on the Hudson? I've been thinking of going to some
> meetings here in KY and just keeping my mouth shut but keeping my mouth shut
> seems to be hard to do sometimes. Anyway, Thanx for letting me know how you
> feel. I know you meant the best for me.       Randy

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