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> Biscuitboy I don't know you at all, but reading your words here you
> seem to be honest with yourself and while you could do much worse then
> Patrick as a leader or role model, I would say that maybe in addition
> to everything else you find here, you might try to find a meeting that
> you like, keep looking and I think you might be surprised, a little
> group support from different groups could go a long way. Take what you
> find useful and leave the rest, dang there I go again with 12 step
> cliches that apply so well to almost everything I've found here :-)
> -Mase

      Mase, I'm going to be as honest as I can here. I was in AA for 10 
years. I learned a lot. My sponsor taught me how to play music in bars without 
drinking myself into fucking up all the songs during the last set. In other words 
he helped me to play without drinking and I will forever be in debt to him for 
it. I still say the serenity prayer just about every day. Sometimes quite a 
few times a day. I found faith, I found confidence and I found a whole bunch of 
screwed up women just like me................................. I didn't say 
that. I still apply all the slogans that are stuck in my head. I still try to 
live one day at a time. BUT, at my home group which is a gratitude group I 
thanked God for the Bwiti tribe in Africa for bringing about Ibogaine that is 
helping addicts all over the world and you would have thought that I was 
advocating some kind of take over or something. It went over like a fart in a scuba 
tank. That was the last meeting I have went to. As for Patrick being my leader or 
anyone else for that matter, I just want their knowledge. I give props to the 
people I think deserve it and he does for having this list. I have an agenda, 
I'll get it done. It may take me a little while but I have my own idea's 
about some things. Besides where else can you get away with writing twisted 
stories about crop circles or Nard Tingledick and his herd of river otters on the 
Hudson? I've been thinking of going to some meetings here in KY and just keeping 
my mouth shut but keeping my mouth shut seems to be hard to do sometimes. 
Anyway, Thanx for letting me know how you feel. I know you meant the best for me. 
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