[Ibogaine] Daniel Pinchbeck's new book in NY Times

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Fri Jun 30 20:41:03 EDT 2006

that vid is kickass, trent fucking rocks

peace dogs

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>>Its a dumping ground son, so don't get all het about it, just serve  your
>    Ok Ed, now you got me. I keep hearing that 9 Inch Nails song.  "Bow 
>down to the one that you serve, your gonna get what you  deserve." You mean 
>we have a leader? Who's  th.................................o yea Patrick. 
>Could be a lot  worse I guess. I didn't realize I was part of a flock but 
>at least  most of us like to laugh, and I think all of us are trying to 
>better  our lives in whatever twisted way we can get it done.         love  
>and 18 per kg      Randy

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