For Preston

Mason Shipley maseshipley at
Fri Jun 30 18:49:22 EDT 2006

Preston I've read your words here for a long time and seen you go from
desperate cries for help, to being all knowing, I am honestly
wondering what is it that you want to happen? Other then being
recognized as a great writer, that part I'm clear about and for what
it's worth I think you speak the drug user point of view pretty clear
and honestly.

Do you want to be free of drugs or do you just want the world to get
off your back and leave you alone? I ask this based only what you
write because I read most of your messages, you write a lot but are
clearly writing about yourself and your own experience, not channeling
psychobabble and nonsense. I also do very much agree with your quotes
from Shaw about how the man who writes about himself and his time,
writes about all men and all time, because that's the truth, you can't
write truth about something you don't know.

You've gone full circle here at least a dozen times and during all
that written about how much you really want to be clean, then you do
ibogaine again and have all the answers and are advice proof.

I'm honestly curious, your problem mostly looks to be opiates, so if
you don't want to clean up why not get on methadone maintenance or
suboxone? You have legal access to whatever you need to feel better
and nobody left to hassle you.


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