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On Jun 30, 2006, at 12:49 AM, Sara Glatt wrote:

> "What we are talking about is helping sick people get pot and  
> keeping them
> away from
> the black market and its exorbitant prices."
> Sara, the prices of medical marijuana in Los Angeles is FOUR times  
> that which I could buy from friends of friends three years ago. I  
> haven't seen street pot since January 2004. I don't belive the  
> medical marujuana industry is doing much more than an expensive  
> favor right about now. The prices keep going up as they expand  
> their stores. I would like to grow it, but I don't relish looking  
> forward to "homeland facists" and the cops taking apart my  
> household, stealing everything I own and getting sent to Cuba,  
> because I choose to use a controversial medicine. The prices are  
> probably what gives me all the anxiety as I wonder when I won't be  
> able to afford it any more. Perhaps If I could move to Holland, and  
> if I spoke Dutch I might have a chance. But this is USA, 1984,  
> oops, 2006 with the worst federal goverment in the History of  
> America and the laws and law-enforcement establishment are not  
> friendly.
    Best Wishes,
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