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Mason Shipley maseshipley at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 18:37:11 EDT 2006

As much as everyone here seems to be smarter and weirder then average
and suffers from terminal uniqueness, I don't find that much of a
difference between this place and the rooms you all like to disparage.

Sure there's a lot of noise, whining, ego problems and the shitload of
personality disorders that always go hand in hand with addiction, but
I haven't seen anything that changes my mind about how recovery works,
even the left of center, high IQ, weird kind.

A program of attraction, who are the leaders, usually not the ones who
raise their hand and shout me me me me me, it's people who do the
work, maybe some luck, genetics, being blessed or most of all plain
old hard work. I still see the same thing here as over in the rest of
the world, the winners did it, not just talked it. They help people,
they do the work, they lead by example not by running their mouths.

Stick with the winners, same as the last paragraph I just wrote.

The two things that are different here then near any other place be it
virtual or not, that I've been, are that there seem to be a lot of
kids who don't really have any drug problem talking here, because it's
their cool hangout. There also seem to be the psychobabble crowd who
like to listen to themselves talk about nothing much. I don't know all
of you, but all the psychobabble in the world isn't going to help much
with addiction, no matter how long you talk it or listen to it.

Out of the veritable monsoon of words that come out of this forum, I
would be very interested to know how many of those doing so much
talking have ever been addicted to anything, and how many of those who
have taken ibogaine have managed to stay clean. There I said it, the
dirty word "clean" not harm reduction, not I switched to oxy from
heroin, not I fill up blah blah blah pages with my insights, but did
you do it and stay sober?

I would bet anything that there are maybe 10 people here at most who
can stand up and raise their hands. The rest are too busy navel gazing
or writing more drivel.

Maybe I am too average to get it all, but after a life of living
addiction, I'm sorry to say but the number of people listening to self
proclaimed addiction experts, who have never been addicts themselves,
is close to zero. The number of people listening to new age
psychobabble about lofty spiritual insights written by people who seem
to live none of their words is about the same as it ever was, which is
another way of saying: nobody is listening, that isn't already singing
in the choir.

Biscuitboy I don't know you at all, but reading your words here you
seem to be honest with yourself and while you could do much worse then
Patrick as a leader or role model, I would say that maybe in addition
to everything else you find here, you might try to find a meeting that
you like, keep looking and I think you might be surprised, a little
group support from different groups could go a long way. Take what you
find useful and leave the rest, dang there I go again with 12 step
cliches that apply so well to almost everything I've found here :-)


On 6/30/06, BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com <BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com> wrote:
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> wardconn at hotmail.com writes:
> Its a dumping ground son, so don't get all het about it, just serve your
>  leader.
>  Ed
>     Ok Ed, now you got me. I keep hearing that 9 Inch Nails song. "Bow down
> to the one that you serve, your gonna get what you deserve." You mean we
> have a leader? Who's th.................................o
> yea Patrick. Could be a lot worse I guess. I didn't realize I was part of a
> flock but at least most of us like to laugh, and I think all of us are
> trying to better our lives in whatever twisted way we can get it
> done.         love and 18 per kg      Randy

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