[Ibogaine] NY Times accused of treason

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I LOVE that cartoon- I was never displeased to see it rerun after rerun as a 
That's one of the all time classics.
Totally rocks.
Thanks for that memory Randy.
And for listening to me rant in a VERY private, venting sort of 
Peace, love and respect,

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And in terms of US law, Gonzales, who has been an apologist for torture
and mass wiretapping, might be telling the truth for a change. The
International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 authorises the
President to initiate financial investigations of this nature, although
perhaps not with the sort of broad, electronic dragnet approach in use
at the moment. Still, there doesn't seem to be much risk for the White
House under US law.

      Vector, I can't help it dude I just have to relate this. I was 
watching Gonzales the other day and he was doing his best to make a big deal 
outta the guys they caught in the terroist plot down in Miami. These guys 
were set up. That doesn't mean they weren't terrorist, but it still didn't 
seem right to me. Any way,when Gonzales was talking this old cartoon just 
popped in my head. You know the old one with the dude who has a frog that 
does rag time with a hat and cane "everybodies doin' the Michigan 
raaaaaaaaaaag." But he can't get the frog to sing in front of anybody else? 
Gonzales or the rest of the Bush people in general give me that impression. 

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