[Ibogaine] Daniel Pinchbeck's new book in NY Times

Dave Brockman davebroc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 12:05:27 EDT 2006

guess that's a good reason to be an ibo treatment provider, you've got
a very captive audience, literally. lots of time to work in lots of
new damage and mebbe some brainwashing while you're at it.
'who's god, who's always right?'
ZAP 'wrong answer! try again, it's me! me! all me!'

before the paisley power messiahs tweak on me, it's a joke, lighten
up. if you took it serious like, go take a real long look at yourself.


> Out of all the people here that I don't know, I really like Sara
> because, I never sense some agenda or bunch of bullshit behind the
> words. I like Preston because he's painfully honest. I like Patrick
> because he's brilliantly twisted and mad talented and.... he DID IT,
> instead of talking bullshit about it. Patrick is also FUNNY and has a
> great sense of humor, about himself most of all. I like Howard because
> he's Howard :) I like a lot of people, if I stop to think about it, I
> think I like something about everyone on this list, I just stop reading
> when all the messianic personalities with no sense of humor keep going
> on and on and on with their lectures.
> Ed, I even like you, I just think you're just as fucked up as everybody
> else, if not more so, no matter how many paragraphs of bs you write,
> name dropping grof, or whoever else you want. I'm sure you're very
> smart, great, so are all of your peers in the messianic group ;)
> .:vector:.

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