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--- edward conn <wardconn at hotmail.com> wrote:

> What is it about psychedelics and narcissism that go hand in
> hand...is it 
> the living in ones own self created reality i.e fantasy...that
> becomes 'mind 
> manifested' or 'turned inside out' ...after all is'nt that what
> breaking 
> open the head is?...letting the contents out...only to find
> eventually 
> through much knashing of teeth that they're delusion. Hey, this is a
> journey 
> after all.
> The fact of the matter is that taking such 'ritualistic' substances
> creates 
> a circumstance that to complete can take easily 10 years plus, to
> work 
> through, psychodynamic, unconscious and transpersonal or sublime
> levels of 
> existence. In which time one is highly susceptible to any form of 
> information especially 'conspiracy'...which is really saying 'I can't
> live 
> in this world...it's unjust' , but how much of that is about
> perception and 
> aspects of the victim/hero position. Do we need heros or do we need
> Selves?? 

Yeah but that won't sell copies of your book or keep your career going

> One of the reasons. limited coverage is given to the psychedelic
> position is 
> that, 

Want to know a secret? The reason limited coverage is given to the
psychedelic position is, because most of the people representing it are
nutcases, or at least come off that way.  Ed, no offense, but most of
what you've posted to this forum is the last year or so, falls into the
more unstable then most of the crackheads category, or I am channeling
pure narcissism and think I'm a great teacher. Please get in line
behind Lee Albert and Daniel Pinchbeck ;) 

For real, I haven't really found any great source of spiritual insight
online, most of all not in the psychedelic ranting forums. I have found
interesting people, the one's I usually like and start listening to
have a sense of humor about themselves and life in general. If I had to
define a single quality, that would be it. Yeah, you/us are all the
greatest smartest people in the world, but after someone writes 10 long
messages about everything without even a trace of humor, I usually stop
listening to them.

Terrence Mckenna who all of you love to copy, had a amazing and really
funny sense of humor. I don't know how it is that not a single one of
the pretenders to his throne, manage to get that part.

With ibo there's of course the one other main ingredient. It's not how
stable you are, or what a nice guy you are, the main question is, have
you done it, did you stay clean, no matter your other problems, did you
do it, or are you just talking shit to listen to yourself talk? 

Or if you were never a drug addict and whatever your personal problems
are, do you genuinely want to help people, if so, are you having much
success? and if you are, then much respect, because at the end of the
day, that's what matters, whatever everyone's problems are.

Out of all the people here that I don't know, I really like Sara
because, I never sense some agenda or bunch of bullshit behind the
words. I like Preston because he's painfully honest. I like Patrick
because he's brilliantly twisted and mad talented and.... he DID IT,
instead of talking bullshit about it. Patrick is also FUNNY and has a
great sense of humor, about himself most of all. I like Howard because
he's Howard :) I like a lot of people, if I stop to think about it, I
think I like something about everyone on this list, I just stop reading
when all the messianic personalities with no sense of humor keep going
on and on and on with their lectures. 

Ed, I even like you, I just think you're just as fucked up as everybody
else, if not more so, no matter how many paragraphs of bs you write,
name dropping grof, or whoever else you want. I'm sure you're very
smart, great, so are all of your peers in the messianic group ;)


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