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Eye of the Bhogi <freedomroot at gmail.com> wrote:  That's why the smart-thinking woman said to her would-be assailant, "I'll lift my skirts if you drop your pants."  He did and off she ran.

  On 6/22/06, ::dharmabumwarrior:: <click80 at yahoo.com> wrote:       This is a little of topic, but hey! that never stopped me before. This is word for word out of the Durango Herald published in (of course) Durango, Colorado. I have noticed in the past some dry and witty humor in the Police Blotter. This tidbit really got me all out laughing. It is nice to have a good laugh. You know like the kind that makes milk come out of your nose, or the kind that makes you have to change your..........never mind. 
  Durango Police
  10:56 a.m. 
  Someone reported a man
  for indecent exposure in 
  the 1100 Block of South 
  Camino Del Rio. He had 
  brown hair, a black tank top 
  and jeans around his ankles. 
  Hmmm, it seemed funnier the first time. Oh well.

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