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A frightening thought occurs to me almost weekly of finding ourselves indexed by our behaivior on the internet. Can we possibly be catagorized in a future world not too far off by our goverment?
   I had a dream, in this dream I accessed the Social Security Death Index and procured a few ss-18 forms and then, just to see if I could, I took the info provided on the form and obtained copies of their birth certificates. But of course it was only a dream.

  March on Big Brother, some of us have dreamed that we are ready for the coming of............ whatever.

  Warren Lee Theriot <wleetheriot at comcast.net> wrote:
  I'm not so much concerned about reading or posting to this list from 
a job, because I would shun the internet from work. I am concerned 
about search engines, government sponsored home-invasion-robbery-of- 
privacy from the likes of NSA and other more secret orgs, even 
google. It is already out of control so the less said in public from 
now on the better. Goodbye "the Bill of Rights", hello 1984, 21st 
century style.
On Jun 21, 2006, at 8:37 AM, Vector Vector wrote:

> Signing up to a public access forum using your real name and then
> ranting about how much heroin or crack you're doing while trying to 
> get
> off them using ibogaine, is of course maybe not the most brilliant
> thing to do if you're reading the list from work.
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