[Ibogaine] Daniel Pinchbeck's new book in NY Times

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On 6/20/06, Dave Brockman <davebroc at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  IBOGA is not "drugs."
> Sorry again, but this is the same ibogaine party line that don't play.
> I know it's not "drugs" it's a sacred healing mystical plant that
> gives peeps liberation from drugs. That's nice, my medical cannabis is
> also meds, but someplace behind the bs, I happen to be aware that both
> are drugs and ranting about how they're not, won't get no play when
> you're not preaching to the choir. Be real.
> -broc
Dave, I think you are avoiding the nuance I am trying to draw about the
intellectual purpose of book reviews.  Personally, I don't have enough
increments of $30 to buy every book that triggers my interest.  Nor time to
read the 1008+ tomes already on our shelves.  And I have overdue library
fines from every place I've had a card in the last seven years...because I
keep thinking space will expand enough to let me finish taking those notes
and copying those pages and... But this is the endless dilemma of academic
culture:  so many words, so many new ideas, so little time.

IF the New York Times is supposed to cast the longest shadow among the
arbitrers of cultural worth, THEN they should maintain higher standards in
how they review... even countercultural New Agey cotton candy memoir.  It's
not "good writing," no matter how funny the prose or clever the literary
punches landed, if it doesn't provide a functional review.

As for a "party line" on the pharmaceutical applications of our favorite
ethnobotanical Root, I will maintain the basic utility in pushing for the
ethical and political reconsideration of its current scheduling as long as
it takes.  Given the current legal situations, and abhorrent lack of
research funding, such a distinction is well worth making.  Again and again
and again and again....

regards, rachel
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