Burning Man

Mystical Pup mysticalpup_dc at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 16:06:16 EDT 2006

I just want to go to Burning Man.  I don't even care if I get laid.  But I screwed up and didn't measure out my vacation properly.

Guess it will have to wait until NEXT YEAR!!


Dave Brockman <davebroc at gmail.com> wrote:Wonder how much I need to fry my brain to dump my rich girlfriend, who
just had my baby and explain I need to try to get laid at burning man,
even though try is the operative word. Lot of love and great wisdom is
obvious by looking at the way he lives and acts.

Fuck the NY Times and their Jarhead reviewer and fuck Pinchbeck, he
sucks ass. I can say that too, because my karma is still good, I
contributed my $30 bucks hoping for something that didn't suck, so
danny boy can go buy himself a burger on my dime.

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