[Ibogaine] Daniel Pinchbeck's new book in NY Times

Krista Vaughan krista.vaughan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 15:17:47 EDT 2006

I don't think it's a reasonable or fair way to judge a person's work,
based on how they live their life. Many if not most of the world's
greatest artists, writers, thinkers, have been....... really horrible
people. Sad but true.

My problem with Daniel is mostly that he just isn't saying anything
new, that hasn't been said better by Mckenna and he totally fails to
engage my belief or interest in anything he writes about. I don't so
much care what he does in his life or how big a dickhead he is, it's
not like I need to put up with him personally, it sounds more like
people from NY or burning man who know Daniel personally or at least
have seen him talk, who are so turned off.

Yes the Jarhead guy is a dickhead, who has totally opposite and
different opinions, who was in the military before becoming a writer
and no I don't agree with much of anything he thinks or believes, but
you know something... he _is_ a good writer. Sad but true.

The "drugs" rant was not appropriate or called for or even
representative of anything, except for the fact the reviewer hates
Daniel, but so it seems does nearly everyone else. To give it a turn,
it would be his turn to get reviewed as writing yet another macho ego
story of killing people for America, shut up and go kill someone or
run for office and kill a lot of people.

BTW I don't really see where any of this had much of anything to do
with ibogaine itself, Daniel has very little to say about ibogaine and
it was only singled out as being exceptionally poorly written and
conveyed. He talked about Daniel's writing, not ibogaine, that was


On 6/20/06, Dave Brockman <davebroc at gmail.com> wrote:
> True true, whatever anyone thinks doesn't matter, it only matters what
> you yourself get out of it. Personally I've got 2012 too, was hoping
> for something else, what I don't know, but here's another review.
> Pinchbeck sucks ass. No changes there.
> All the crap he has to say about other peeps, he could go say to the
> mirror. 'course the NYT seems to have lots of personal agendas with
> half the peeps in the entire counter culture and duh, yeah i'm sure he
> was set up with the one reviewer who would hate him the most, but
> that's his own fault for being such a utter tool. There's a major,
> total lack of good psychedelics authors to take the places of the last
> generation. Pinchbeck wants to be Terrence but as somebody else said,
> it's like a copy of Terrence with all humor and self awareness
> removed. I think the prob is, he does a great job of turning everybody
> who isn't already a convert, totally off to anything he's saying. He
> sucks.
> It's not like that Albert guy he was on the panel with at the ibo conf
> was all that either, but he was at least gracious, pinchbeck
> was..........a tool. Fuck him and his unheated share in Williamsburg
> (ohhhhh way trendy).
> Wonder how much I need to fry my brain to dump my rich girlfriend, who
> just had my baby and explain I need to try to get laid at burning man,
> even though try is the operative word. Lot of love and great wisdom is
> obvious by looking at the way he lives and acts.
> Fuck the NY Times and their Jarhead reviewer and fuck Pinchbeck, he
> sucks ass. I can say that too, because my karma is still good, I
> contributed my $30 bucks hoping for something that didn't suck, so
> danny boy can go buy himself a burger on my dime.
> Eye of the Bhogi
> >  It's this line that irked me the most: "Since when can a guy on mushrooms
> > land a punch? And no one likes a global morality bully who's tripping.
> > Whatever happened to just taking
> >  drugs?"
> As much as it may piss you off, he asked for that, he's asking for
> that through the entire book, he climbs up on his moral high horse and
> rants about what's wrong with the whole world without ever taking a
> look at himself. I don't dig the jarhead dude, but he did sum it up
> right there. Pinchbeck does the same shit everyplace he goes, he
> ranted about "drug tourism" without being able to see that it's
> exactly what he spends most of his time doing.
> >
> >  IBOGA is not "drugs."
> Sorry again, but this is the same ibogaine party line that don't play.
> I know it's not "drugs" it's a sacred healing mystical plant that
> gives peeps liberation from drugs. That's nice, my medical cannabis is
> also meds, but someplace behind the bs, I happen to be aware that both
> are drugs and ranting about how they're not, won't get no play when
> you're not preaching to the choir. Be real.
> -broc
> On 6/19/06, Eye of the Bhogi <freedomroot at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Good points, Krista, about spreading attention and possible motive in
> > assigning THIS book (Daniel's broken open head) to THIS reviewer (Jarhead
> > Swofford).  It's all well and good to fuel controversy if it leads toward
> > productive debate.  But I read reviews to tell me whether it's worth taking
> > time to read the full text at hand. Not to hear the grinding of axes or wade
> > through the ejaculatory prose of yet another acid-macho pissing contest, nor
> > even be impressed by the BR Editor's cleverness at pitting one Head against
> > another.
> >
> >  I'm not saying every review should be sympathetic, "chloroformed back
> > patting" in the word-echoes of an historian from an earlier generation.  But
> > it's much fairer, and useful to potential readers, to assess a book on its
> > own terms rather than the book the reviewer would/might have written.
> > Generally, that requires some familiarity with the subject area.  Maybe 2012
> > is so bad, and Daniel's pedigree so entrenched in the NYC literati and
> > psychedlic luminaria that even the NYT couldn't find a decent authority on
> > the subject willing to be honest.
> >
> >  It's this line that irked me the most: "Since when can a guy on mushrooms
> > land a punch? And no one likes a global morality bully who's tripping.
> > Whatever happened to just taking
> >  drugs?"
> >
> >  IBOGA is not "drugs."
> >
> >
> >
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