[Ibogaine] Why IBOgaine will never be legal in the US of A

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Tue Jun 20 02:45:36 EDT 2006

Ironic that so many  synthetic petrochemical drugs advertised on TV  
for everything from migraines, ulcers, diabetes, cholesterol,  
arthritis have so many potentially bad side effects that are worse  
than what they are prescribed for including possibly causing death,  
all the while selling up a storm. Our facist FDA in action. In  
Europe , some herbals like saw palmetto for prostate problems are  
being legislated out by commercial competition from petrochemical  

On Jun 19, 2006, at 5:25 AM, marko wrote:

> from Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to  
> Know About:
> " In order for a drug company to get a drug patented and approved  
> by the FDA, it costs approximately $800 million in research and  
> testing. Where does that $800 million go? Well, let's just follow  
> the money trail. Remember, it's always just about the money!
> The companies that are approved by the FDA to do certain research,  
> interestingly enough, are public traded companies. Guess who owns  
> the stock in these publicly traded companies? Would it surprise you  
> to know that politicians and members of the FDA own stock in these  
> companies? It wouldn't surprise me! Would it also surprise you that  
> the people that work for those research companies are friends and  
> relatives of politicians and members of the FDA? It wouldn't  
> surprise me!
> Once a drug is approved and the pharmaceutical company has the  
> patent, it becomes the only company that can sell the drug. Getting  
> a patented drug is an automatic billion dollars in the bank! This  
> is why you will never see a pharmaceutical company promoting a  
> natural cure. Natural cures cannot be patented!You can only make  
> profits if you have a patented drug. There are no large profits in  
> selling a natural cure that cannot be patented. When you have a  
> patented product you are the only company that can sell it. You  
> have no competition. You can sell it for an outrageously high  
> price, and the profits are guaranteed. If you are selling a  
> nonpatented natural product, a hundred other companies could also  
> sell the same product. You have no monopoly. Because of the  
> competition, the prices will come down and the profits become  
> incredibly small. That is why the drug industry will only promote  
> patented drugs, because that's where the profits are.
> This is also why the drug companies gave tens of millions of  
> dollars to lobbysts to get the FDA to make a new "law". Listen to  
> this very carefully. The FDA has the power to make "laws" and  
> enforce them. It can make "laws" without congressional approval or  
> debate. In order to protect the profits of the drug industry the  
> FDA passed the most incredibly insane "law" of all times. The FDA  
> has now made as "law" the following statement, "Only a drug can  
> cure, prevent or treat a disease". Tihs is insane. Think about the  
> ramifications. The FDA has now guaranteed and protected the profita  
> of the drug companies! Only a patented drug, according to the FDA,  
> can treat, prevent, or cure a disease. First off, we all know this  
> is flat-out untrue. The disease scurvy, for example, which is  
> simply a vitamin C deficiency, is treated, prevented, and cured by  
> eating citrus fruit. According to the FDA's law, however, if you  
> were to hold up an orange and say "Tis orange is the cure for the  
> disease of scurvy," you would go to jail for selling a "drug"  
> withjout a licence. According to the FDA, as soon as you make a  
> disease claim in referrence to taking an orange, the orange no  
> longer is an orange , but magically became a "drug" according to  
> the FDA. And since that "drug" has not been patented or approved by  
> the FDA, you are selling a "drug" withjout a licence, which is a  
> criminal offense! You go to jail. The "drug" is obviously not a  
> drug, it is an orange! This is how the FDA works to protects the  
> profit of the pharmaceutical company and suppress and hide  
> information about natural remedies. "
> BTW, an intersting book ;-))
> Marko
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