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Mon Jun 19 23:22:02 EDT 2006

Good points, Krista, about spreading attention and possible motive in
assigning THIS book (Daniel's broken open head) to THIS reviewer (Jarhead
Swofford).  It's all well and good to fuel controversy if it leads toward
productive debate.  But I read reviews to tell me whether it's worth taking
time to read the full text at hand. Not to hear the grinding of axes or wade
through the ejaculatory prose of yet another acid-macho pissing contest, nor
even be impressed by the BR Editor's cleverness at pitting one Head against

I'm not saying every review should be sympathetic, "chloroformed back
patting" in the word-echoes of an historian from an earlier generation.  But
it's much fairer, and useful to potential readers, to assess a book on its
own terms rather than the book the reviewer would/might have written.
Generally, that requires some familiarity with the subject area.  Maybe 2012
is so bad, and Daniel's pedigree so entrenched in the NYC literati and
psychedlic luminaria that even the NYT couldn't find a decent authority on
the subject willing to be honest.

It's this line that irked me the most: "Since when can a guy on mushrooms
land a punch? And no one likes a global morality bully who's tripping.
Whatever happened to just taking

IBOGA is not "drugs."
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