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Lol, sounds like a few days I’ve had in the past………. Few months? (post ibo
gibber gibber energy come back to meeeeee NOW lol)

It’s back now, but I lost my compass!! :o(

Good to see your personality on the list….. I think we’d get on well 

I’ve always wondered at reviewers and critics……..one person telling us how
it is… in their mind…..hmmmmmm bit similar to canned laughter?

Koiky good moaning from chilly NZ :oP~~~~~@



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La di da di tum ti tum tum..................doo doo da da hm ha ti tummtitum


I suppose it is obvious I have absolutely no worthwhile endeavors to
endeavor upon today. 

I have no direction in a directionless day.

I have no purpose on this.....yep....purposeless day.

I have no goal on this goalless day.


So is this a directionless, purposeless, blah blah day? 


Hell no there are people on discussion lists to irritate.


Ha Ha Ha. I am saved. There is a purpose for today and many more tomorrows,
thank you Ibonauts for giving me a reason to carry on in this pithy world
filled with shitty NY Times Book List reviewers. 


You know, I heard that the NY Times requires all male employees to wear
estrogen patches. Probably an unreliable rumor.

But I did hear it from the same source that told me George W Bush is really
Bella Abzug in drag!!!

Who knows? 







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to come. 

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