Ibogaine Re: OT and stress, etc

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Mon Jun 19 14:57:57 EDT 2006

I am glad everyone else seems to have had a good weekend. Mine was  
filled with part dispair, anger and a deep sense of loss, along with  
continued anxiety over how I am ever going to get away from here. I  
cant by any miracle go and get an Ibogaine session, only to return to  
this neighborhood, city and expect to have another civil conversation  
with my sister. To her I am a loser and for that matter, if I was  
more like my late brother, I would kill myself in front of my sister  
just to spite her. That will not be my fate or choice, unless the  
next time I have an argument with her in her presence I have a heart  
attack. I am ready to get a restraining order to keep her away from  
my property, even though my Mom still owns the lot next door with a  
storage shed and my sister is the executor of Mom's and Dad's estate.  
If I see her come over here I am going to call the police whom I  
would rather avoid because I don't trust them to start fucking with  
me. The Police I have seen in this neighborhood the last 5 years have  
been scary and asses. Maybe it will be suicide by cop if I get into  
it with my sister if she comes over here.
I envy those who have taken the Ibogaine journey. I want to go there  
and never come back at this point. I am not really that bad off drug- 
wise, but if I don't keep taking klonopin for the next few weeks I  
will totally freak out from anxiety. I just don't know who to turn to  
for help any more.

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