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Mon Jun 19 13:26:33 EDT 2006

La di da di tum ti tum tum..................doo doo da da hm ha ti tummtitum tumtadadum
  I suppose it is obvious I have absolutely no worthwhile endeavors to endeavor upon today. 
  I have no direction in a directionless day.
  I have no purpose on this.....yep....purposeless day.
  I have no goal on this goalless day.
  So is this a directionless, purposeless, blah blah day? 
  Hell no there are people on discussion lists to irritate.
  Ha Ha Ha. I am saved. There is a purpose for today and many more tomorrows, thank you Ibonauts for giving me a reason to carry on in this pithy world filled with shitty NY Times Book List reviewers. 
  You know, I heard that the NY Times requires all male employees to wear estrogen patches. Probably an unreliable rumor.
  But I did hear it from the same source that told me George W Bush is really Bella Abzug in drag!!!
  Who knows? 

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