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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jun 19 02:59:38 EDT 2006

    Kirsty's home environment was perfect, just like her. Jasen-- weren't you on methadone 20years?  You were fantastic, a man like I've never known.  The providers are crucial.  After the 12 or so hour trip, the body is purging, throwing off the old,  I felt open, so open, both Kirk & Jasen had been thru this, they knew instinctively how to be. Human beings, being gentle, loving, caring, TO ME ! These people WERE addicts.
    Ibo shook me to the very core.  I love what  I've been thru. My body is waking up & yeah, I feel so new, not lobotomized at all, changed tho. The journey is mind, body & soul & seems so complete. For anyone considering this path to freedom. . ...a way thru the agony of hanging -Id like to say-WHAT STOPS YOU ?



  Hey Leah,

  So glad you posted your story,..absolutley fantastic. Isn't this just great.

  Yes I was on Methadone a very long time 23 years to be exact. It was

  easy to be loving caring and gentle to you Leah,..your our sister and yes

  Kirsty is fantastic (dunno about perfect though ahh ha ha ha) kidding. : )

  We've become good friends Kirsty and I even though she still drinks NO


  You were a pleasure to treat,..Kirsty and I missed you when you went.


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