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Well, I saw this happen with my own eyes which does not constitute a scientific experiment by any means.  I should
search this out.  I don't have a lot of time but I will start and see where I go with it   Most conventional docs are educated
by their drup reps and spend maybe 15 minutes with you per visit.  You can't imagine that they are spending very much
time digging out the side effects of any drug.  Sorry that I am so cynical, but I have lived in this world a good long
while and spent some time as a healthcare provider myself which puts me in a position to make some first hand
observations.  I am bad, bad for saying this and for taking this attitude especially since I have recently found an ideal doc
who spends hours with you on the first visit taking the most thorough medical history you could imagine.  I don't usually
make accusations without facts to back me up........................

ann the mama
think at francomm.com

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  How does the Methadone cause the edema? I have it also, but it seems to happen after I get to a certain weight. It really bugs me because my doctor says it is not related to the methadone, but i know a lot of docs do not know or wont admit that the done has many side effects, like making me get a silly grin at times :o)

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      I have been having a lot of edema of feet and ankles. I had blowed it off as my Hep C but it isn't. I have beginning changes indicating congestive heart failure. That scares me!

          Callie that was happening to me right before I got treated with the Ibogaine. My feat and legs were swelling and my doc had my mother rush me to the hospital and I had a ekg hooked to me before I lay down. They scared the shit outta me. I never even considered heart problems. Great I was thinkin', fucked up heart too, right after I finish the interferon, this figures!! But they were worong and it turned out that the Methadone was causing the swelling. It happens more than the pharmacies want to admitt. It's a small world ya know, my son has a friend that just got back from Nashville. He said he was in one of the best re-habs in the states down there. He thought very highly of it. I wish I could remeber the name of it.................hmmmmmmmm o well.    Lokks like KY is gonna get wet today. Damn, I wanted to fish today too for fathers day.          Skeeter 

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