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> Well I sent it this way anyway, I really wanted you to see this.       PS 
> Dana Beal is insane        Skeeter
>   Hi to everyone, a quick intro because I’m about to post my ibo experience. 
>  It was three weeks ago today that I was iboed at Kapt Kirk’s in Dunedin.  
> Since then, I’ve come to my sisters in Wellington, so I’m using her computer, 
> which shows as “Michelle”
>    Hey, firefly girl! You inspired me with your writing. It’s amazing what 
> comes ‘out-of-Dunedin’  Stay on track, it’s do-able,,,,,,,,,
>  Leah. 
> It’s 3 weeks since I was ‘iboed’ &it’s like my eyes have finally stopped 
> pointing in different directions.
>   I was living in Auckland NZ, hooked up with Steve, very hooked up, so it’s 
> still incredulous to  me that we both took (what seems now) such a blind 
> leap of faith.
>   Meeting Steve, I’ll never forget it, 1st at the car window (approval I 
> guess) then stepping into his home, was like heading straight into an opium den 
> in Shanghai China.
>   I was in heaven!
>   For the next 2 years I visited daily &it suited me fine.  He made great 
> dope, we became friends, got on famously &still do.
>   I have a  history of relationships with addicted men. Severe opiate 
> addicted men.
>  My sister theorised it as: since our father was a chronic, face down, 
> pass-out alcoholic, I, therefore, chose addicted men, to repeat the familiar, 
> knowing that oblivion is a sure thing.  Hmmmmmm……
>   My relationship with Steve was pure drugs, yet surprisingly to spite how 
> utterly utterly entrenched he was, he kept saying he wanted out.  This was so 
> hard to believe, I  was having trouble functioning with or without gear, I 
> had huge doubts. . . . . .
>   It was Steve’s mum who found the ibo web site, so we began to read up.
>   Steve e-mailed Eric Taub…I couldn’t believe it when he replied saying, “
> yeah, it’s doo-able”
>   Eric then said he won’t be coming to NZ, but Jasen from Australia will 
> come over, as the provider.
>  I didn’t have a lot of faith in any of this, I kept telling Steve that 
> Jasen was probably smacked out in the Cross somewhere, (sorry Jasen, I was so 
> wrong).  I also read ‘Jasen’s story” &thought kerrrrissst, wot A 
> TRIP!!!!......This from someone who NEVER liked tripping, way too scared I’d be landed with 
> snakes coming at me.....
>   Anyway, the plan kept unfolding…pack-up our lives in Auckland.
>   Book flights to south island, including Jasen’s flight over.  Order &pay 
> for the ibo.  Worry about customs seizing it.!!!! Thanks to Jill &Ash for 
> doing the leg work here.
>   Steve, THANKYOU, getting enough gear for BOTH of us to survive on.  It was 
> not an easy time considering our combined habits, $$$$problems, health 
> concerns, well, you know how insanely  narrow &fucked it gets. . .
>  He left 1st, I flew to Dunedin a week later.  I’d sent 1 email to Jasen, he 
> wanted confirmation I had an aftercare plan, I still hadn’t spoken to 
> Kirsty.
>  I got in to Dunedin at 9.30am, arrived at kirks soon after. She met me 
> outside, thankchrist!!! She’s one of us.
>   So here I am, had my last shot the night before, I’d made up a jug of 
> poppy juice for that morning-however-it’s the afternoon now …….& Jasen has 
> arrived at Kirsty’s. Gorgiss Jasen, so alive looking, fresh from SUCCESSFULLY 
> treating Steve.  I’m feeling overwhelmed, I wanted to cry, but didn’t.  It was 
> so hard to take in…freedom????
>   By 12pm Sunday I was in bed, ready.,,now or never.
>   Jasen was a constant calming influence. We gave thanks, I took the ibo.  
> He explained to spite dark influences that may appear it is impossible for me 
> to be harmed, he gave me a mantra, I’m pure white spirit (something like 
> that).
>   I heard the ringing in my ears, soon after I began to see images forming, 
> coming towards me…My journey seemed to form three stages.  The first was like 
> astral travel, I was flying, over cities, sometimes recognizing them, faster 
> &faster over buildings, then towards huge waterfalls, down into huge sewer 
> systems where animals were morphing into serpents, sounds crazy, but there was 
> no fear attached to any of this.  It played out like a movie, &was in 
> darkness.
>   In the next stage, I watched as the earth came into being, I was shown 
> mankind in the evolution stages, then fast forward through the centuries.  In 
> contrast to the rest of my journey, this was all in bright white light.
>  The Biwiti tribe showed up periodically, they were a peaceful presence 
> shown in the distance, bathed in orange light.
>   After the evolution stage, the remainder was spent up in the great chasm 
> of universe, Lord, what an eye opener!  Mankind teetering on madness!!, 
> visiting the spirit world.  It was amazing, I can remember heaps, think about it 
> now,  WOW!
>   I believe I am changed forever.
>   I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped this happen.  Kirsty’s 
> home environment was perfect, just like her. Jasen-- weren’t you on methadone 
> 20years?  You were fantastic, a man like I’ve never known.  The providers are 
> crucial.  After the 12 or so hour trip, the body is purging, throwing off the 
> old,  I felt open, so open, both Kirk &Jasen had been thru this, they knew 
> instinctively how to be. Human beings, being gentle, loving, caring, TO ME ! 
> These people WERE addicts.
>   Ibo shook me to the very core.  I love what  I’ve been thru. My body is 
> waking up &yeah, I feel so new, not lobotomized at all, changed tho. The 
> journey is mind, body &soul &seems so complete. For anyone considering this path to 
> freedom. . …….a way thru the agony of hanging –Id like to say-WHAT STOPS 
> YOU ?
>  Lovetoeveryone,leah.

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