Sundance channel- the Drug Years

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I think this may be the very same one that Vig was talking about (or was it 
Chris?), that was on VH1.
But still, worth checking out, at least so far. It's been very interesting, 
and not entirely prohibitionistic angled.
Interestingly enough.

Peace, love and respect,

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Hi all,
    Just discovered a fairly interesting program on right now (another 
episode that focuses on the deaths of Jimi and Janis- "showing the darker 
side of drug use" I believe the blurb phrases it unfortunately, on after 
this current episode on now) called "The Drug Years" on the Sundance Channel 
(currently focusing on the Merry Pranksters and the acid test years- it's 
pretty good actually, so far anyway).
Worth checking out.

Peace, love and respect,
Preston Peet

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