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I used Kratom to get off H. and while it in no way took care of all the withdrawal symptoms- it definitely took the edge off.  After a very strong cup of Krattom tea (true- not the tastiest of blends, but an afternoon of epicurean delight was not my goal at the time....) I was actually able to get a few hours of sleep, which seemed like a miracle the second and third day into it.  Smoking it made me a bit giddy the first time- then had no affect at all the subsequent tries.  Very concentrated tea was the way to go.  
      I'm not sure if it would help with quitting tobacco- unless you wanted to avoid lighting up for a few hours by putting yourself to sleep!  If there is a magic substance that would make the chain smoke I'm currently having less delicious, relaxing, and enjoyable- if there's something out there that would make me not LIKE the damn cigarettes so much- I would take it immediately.  It is a habit I'd theoretically like to get rid of.  But something in my brain becomes infantile when the thought of quitting occurs to me.  -Like when I see one of those new ads on TV-  I become squeamish watching the guy cleaning his Trachea- hole with a Q-tip at his bathroom mirror, or explaining how he can no longer swim because if water gets in the hole he'll drown- and instead of extinguishing my cigarette, I turn off the TV.
      So, maybe Krattom might help if one is not as hopeless as I am when it comes to this particular habit- it can't hurt to try.

AndyAmine <andyamine at gmail.com> wrote:
  I think you may find 'Khat' (Catha Edulis)  not to be the most helpful thing to quite smoking because its rather stimulating and can give you the fidgits, restlessness and general desire to do something wiht your hands and mouth which can make WD's worse. 

You may like to look into Blue Lotus or Kratom, its very common for people to go compleatly off ciggies while under the influance of these substnaces. Although I certainly wouldnt suggest you do it on a daily basis because generaly speaking replacing one evil with another usualy isnt the way to go.  ;) 

Best wishes

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  someone recently suggested to my girlfriend V that I chew on mint, or 
barring that, parseley, when trying to kick tobacco

         Preston you have piqued my curiosity here. I wonder what katt (I think that's how you spell it) would do for cigs? I know, I know, I'm sick but you never know. Might be kind of fun.                Randy 

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