BZP at the dairy

firefly lik4luk at
Thu Jun 15 17:25:37 EDT 2006

Yup we are on to it way down by antarctica,we hafta be tho we live in a messed up place in terms of legal drugs man!!!
  BZP-wot the hell is goin on!!!
  ibogaine clearly helps and changes lives for the better-all round-but we can't buy it at the dairy.BZP howeva is every where even at the friggin bottle stores-WARNING do not consume alcahol with bzp!!!
  The shit was made to kill those bigworms in cows tummys and they have five of the fukers(guts')-greedy bovines.yeah well I did try them but being on the done they made me shakey,hangy and apart from the fact I was awake all nite they really do suk.I think the prob really is most of the kids who take bzp have never experienced the real stuff!E's,speed etc.they love this shit.sum dude waspulled over with 4times the recomended dose of bzp in him-oh twice!
  Fuk the bzp and bring us the ibogaine!!!!
  yeah well I aint been to the chemist yet ok

Take it easy!not too easy,don't wanna take the fun away.

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