ot sorta- music as drug

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jun 15 17:01:33 EDT 2006

Hi all,
Just had an awesome, nearly flawless jam session, with a new bass player 
sitting in for the first time, rounding us out to a four piece now, and from 
the get go we were all four of us HOT. We played out asses off, and wonder 
of wonders, the recording system at the studio was actually working VERY 
well and so I got an amazingly clear recording of our rehearsal. I'm 
thrilled. If I knew how to convert it to mp3 (which V might actually know 
how to do) I might share a tune or two- rough though they all are still- but 
that's a big "if V can AND will convert them for me.
Unfortunately for us, I was using 60 minute tape cassettes, so the tapes 
kept cutting out I'm discovering, with us not getting some of the better 
play throughs.
    Anyway, to try to tie this in to both ibo and drugwar lists- I've always 
considered music both a sort of drug (in that it definitely can alter 
perseptions and moods and even health and spirits) and a medicine (see 
aforementioned health and spirits points). So having had such a darn good 
two hour jam session today, with what feel like could be an actual band 
(FINALLY), I can barely sit still I'm so excited and amped, even as worn out 
as practice always gets me. I mean it, two hours of singing and playing 
completely wears me out. I think I'd be a mess on a road tour, but if I ever 
got the chance to take one playing, I'd LEAP at the chance, no doubt at all.
    Anyway, just thought I'd share a good afternoon's vibrations with the 
rest of you, and send good thoughts to the rest of you, both ibonauts and 
ibonaughts alike.

(PS- Randy the biscutboy, Lucas and I miss your 
(despite your repeated insistance that you are not a drummer) but the guy 
we've got playing now has finally leveled out and is now playing spot on, or 
was today for sure, much to mine and Lucas' thrillment.)

Peace, love and respect,

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