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I have a cool yo-yo V;s mom gave me for christmas a few years ago, a classic 
re-release of the old wooden ones, a VERY cool yo-yo- yet I Hardly ever use 
it anymore. Although I'd prefer a good few hours of jamming then frisbee to 
yo-yo'ing, even as much fun as yo-yo'ing can be.
The "tough to get ahold of" bit though, yer right, it's too bad it's so 
difficult to get a cheap, steady source of the stuff- although even if I DID 
have a steady supply, it'd still be difficult to get myself to actually EAT 
the stuff, as no matter how good I've always felt AFTERWARDS, the actual 
journey/experience is NOT always the most pleasant and completely impossible 
to turn off once begun.
Unless of course I throw up before digesting it all, which is no fun either, 
so that's NOT an option.
Per se anyway,

Peace, love and respect,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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This was actually another recent suggestion, chewing seeds of some sort.
I'm really serious. As horrid as they make me feel at many times, I can't
seem to find the will to kick cigs. And it's a humbling feeling

     My plan is a good yo yo and a case of tick tacks after a full session. 
I have the yo yo as of last night and I can get a deal from Luigi down at 
the docks for the tick tacks. As for the other?......................see? 
It's a damn shame Ibogaine is so hard to get a hold of.         Randy 

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