[Ibogaine] Re: the whole "re-setting" thing

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Wed Jun 14 22:45:20 EDT 2006

I really didn't mean to alarm you. I realize that is something you  
find difficult to stop. I could kick myself for coming off blunt at  
times, that seems to upset some people. I wish I could tell you  
something that would make it easier to  quit rather than making you  
more anxious about it. I don't have the same reasons for smoking that  
you may have. I smoked my first cigarette at 8, but my Dad quit about  
the same time, and I didn't try it again until I was 16. I just never  
found it to be addicting and then it started bothering my health. You  
have to just be easy on yourself and do what ever works to help you  
cut back first of all. Eat sunflower seeds if that helps. I'm sorry I  
couldn't have been more helpful to you in my last note. I have to  
admit I don't really understand the physical need for nicotine as It  
doesn't like me. I hope you find a way to cut back and stop. Take  
care of yourself. Maybe try deep breathing techniques like for  
trancendental meditation. That helped me to visualize away the  
noxious element of the dogs barking and bothering me.

On Jun 14, 2006, at 6:21 PM, Preston Peet wrote:

> thanks Warren, I can always use some more scare stories and valid  
> points to add to my list of reasons why I REALLY NEED TO KICK THIS  
> Egad.
> Peace, love and respect,
> Preston
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