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captkirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Wed Jun 14 17:40:05 EDT 2006

Yes the clinic here has a great team onboard unlike back in
1996 when I was on the programme I didn't want to know them.
 This time around was/is great and I'm looking forward to
going back for a chin wag with my counsellor... she hasn't
seen me since I got natural energy back... just want to let
her know it's still all good.  She's an amazing woman,she
raised funds for tents and sleeping bags back when there was
that earthquake in ....Turkey? (memory shot today lol)
anyway she went way out into the wop wops to help out women
who were widowed or on their own cos they couldn't get any
help without a man.....must have been a trip and a half.
callie i know what you mean about sentences, I read some of
my posts and go huh? what was i on about LOL
anyway, it's all good......you'll get there Callie, keep the
faith girl and keep posting love hearing from ya
Love n hugs

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> That is GREAT shit right there!!! WOW! What PR work you
> have done just by   getting clean yourself Kirsten! You
> may impact a lot of lives in a major   positive way! Bet
> you feel energized! I am blown away by this post you just 
> posted.  Wish I could break out of America and share a
> positive message  myself. I am hesitant to post very much
> anyway cause I am unable to change my   situation right
> now. That makes me feel I don't have a lot to offer except
> to  share  my personal experience (which most of you have
> heard) but I have to reply  to  this grand piece of
> information. It is amazing that the 'professionals' at  
> your clinic are open enough to recommend this approach in
> treating opiate   addiction. Maybe I am over reacting but
> to my knowledge this is the first   recommendation from a
> Methadone clinic. The fact that they are open to it is 
> good  but your example of a final product in the works is
> what sealed the deal I  feel  sure.
> You know, I am having some trouble lately making
> sentences! No kidding! I  am  having a difficult time
> keeping my thoughts long enough to type the words to  
> express myself. So, if this post seems a little
> 'dis-jointed' that is the   reason.
> Keep on keeping on Kirsty, jason and the rest of you good
> people! Callie    
> In a message dated 6/14/2006 10:04:19 A.M. Central
> Standard Time,   captkirk at clear.net.nz writes:
> I kept  my counselor informed the whole way through, and
> three weeks after my  treatment I was invited to a "Team
> Meeting" which is soley counsellors,  doctors and
> psychiatrists.  since then I am being referrred people, 
> two of which Jasen and I met when he was over last.
> Funnily enuff, when  we met with two of the people in a
> cafe, the pyschiatrist of the clinic  was  also there
> (outside smoking ciggies hehehe hey he knows  addiction,
> and also a real person from my experience, cute too ;o) 
> lolol) anywayyyyyy the only negative comment i got was
> from the  dvd which I gave to the clinic which was "when
> you saw it didn't you  think it was a  load of american
> hype" can't remember who said that,  but was quick to say
> how i felt I had come to know some of the people on  the
> DVD, mixed with my experience.  I understand the cynicism.
> lol i  think most of us do..... sorry bout the "american"
> thing...  infomercials may have had some hand in
> that............ anyway, with  leah and steve, who were
> not with the clinic, but there are three people on  the
> way to treatment, they are open and supportive so far.
> Koiky raving  again lol
> > > 

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