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Wed Jun 14 17:33:16 EDT 2006

In one of my books which I can't find in the kaos that is my
home, it suggested carrying around a bag of sunflower
seeds........excuse the lack of technical knowledge, but
supposedly there is something in them that suppresses the
craving for a smoke?

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> someone recently suggested to my girlfriend V that I chew
> on mint, or  barring that, parseley, when trying to kick
> tobacco. Haven't tried it yet,  but am wondering if you've
> ever heard similar suggestions. Would this be  simply to
> give me something to do orally instead of sucking a
> cigarette, or  is there something chemical about mint
> and/or parseley that might help with  the kicking?
> Ibogaine hasn't done much more than decrease my appetite
> for smoking tobacco  initially, right after the ibo
> experiences, but I have quickly become a  regular, nearly
> a pack a day smoker again.
> Peace, love and respect,
> Preston Peet
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] Re: the whole "re-setting" thing
> Hi Martee,
> You make a good point, I certainly don't want to instill a
> fear of parsley  into anyone... That would be cruel and
> totally anathema to my love of  plants, plant medicines,
> my belief in our inherent right to use them for  medicinal
> purposes and for the right to information about their use.
> I'll try to clarify with regards to what I know about
> portion size/dose,  however the potency of the parsley
> (often the italian variety with flat  leaves is more
> potent), how it is eaten/taken and whether you are female
> or  male, may also need to be taken into consideration.
> Parsley is safe to take  in almost any quantity/dose by
> most everyone (as far as I know) except that  pregnant
> women should be careful with it and women who are not
> expecting to  bleed should be aware that parsley can cause
> this. Fresh parsley in amounts  as little (or as much) as
> 2 cups can cause a woman's menstrual cycle to  begin
> within a day or 3. Cooked or steeped parsley (such as in
> tea) make  require just a handful or two to cause some
> women to bleed early. This may  be different for different
> women, as we all metabolize differently and I  don't know
> if eating parsley regularly can cause a woman's body to
> become  tolerant to this effect? perhaps...In any case,
> I'm an occasional fan of  parsley myself and don't mind
> that it may have these effects, but I  appreciate knowing
> that it can affect me in certain ways. I think it is a 
> wonderful herb and that it can be a very healthy addition
> to the diet.  Anyone who is curious to know more, should
> look it up or talk to a  herbalist.
> I also deeply agree with your comment about being in tune
> to one's needs and  I think it is something we should all
> strive to develop and achieve and  would like to add that
> being in tune may also include informing oneself and  each
> other of the potentials/possibilities regardless of how or
> if they may  actually effect us or not.
> Thanks Martee for encouraging me to clarify ...
> Cheers,
> Sandra
> m. finman <mafinman at> wrote:
> Sandra,
>     I agree it's important to know what results when
> things are done in  excess(and anything even good stuff
> can be done in excess)  I feel you have  represented
> parsley in a way that could instill fear of it in those
> that  don't have the sense to recognize the signs of cause
> and effect from their  food or their actions for that
> matter.  Is putting a whole head of parsley  in a pot of
> soup too much?  Is juicing a 1/3 of a bunch with other
> veggies  too much?  Is cutting up a handful in an omlett
> too much?  A small amount of  parsley(brings to mind the
> sprig they put on your plate in restaurants) i  believe
> isn't as therapeutic as stated.
>     Ideally one should be in tune with their world to
> where they resonate  with what they need, how much, how
> often.  This is a part of the intuitive  response that
> could work in all areas of life.
>      I have read other info you have posted and recognize
> your talents  and  dedication but for some reason this one
> kind of stirred something in me. It  must be an issue i'm
> working on that has nothing to do with parsley.
>      Thank you  Sandra,
>  Martee
>  "Sandra Karpetas" <sandra at>
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> Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 12:05 AM
> Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] the whole "re-setting" thing
> Hiya Ladees,
> Btw, large amounts of parsley can affect your menstrual
> cycles. It can make  you bleed sooner than you're supposed
> to as its an emmenagogue (brings on  your period and can
> also cause abortions), so be careful. You've taken too 
> much if you can taste it in your throat afterwards (it's
> kinda metallic  tasting). It can be a real good thing in
> small amounts tho, cleanses and  purifies blood...
> Cheers,
> Sandra 
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