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Wed Jun 14 08:46:31 EDT 2006

I kept my counselor informed the whole way through, and
three weeks after my treatment I was invited to a "Team
Meeting" which is soley counsellors, doctors and
psychiatrists.  since then I am being referrred people, two
of which Jasen and I met when he was over last. Funnily
enuff, when we met with two of the people in a cafe, the
pyschiatrist of the clinic was  also there (outside smoking
ciggies hehehe hey he knows addiction, and also a real
person from my experience, cute too ;o) lolol)
anywayyyyyy the only negative comment i got was from the dvd
which I gave to the clinic which was "when you saw it didn't
you think it was a  load of american hype" can't remember
who said that, but was quick to say how i felt I had come to
know some of the people on the DVD, mixed with my
experience.  I understand the cynicism. lol i think most of
us do..... sorry bout the "american" thing... infomercials
may have had some hand in that............
anyway, with leah and steve, who were not with the clinic,
but there are three people on the way to treatment, they are
open and supportive so far.
Koiky raving again lol

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> > No not yet anyway Howard, but it's heartwarming to have
> > the support of the Dunedin Methadone clinic.  A great
> > bunch. Was there a specific reason as to why you wanted
> > to know? Koiky xx
> > 
> > 
> To know that the knowledge of ibogaine is Being shared
> with the methadone  community.   What do the Dunedin
> people think?
> Best regards.
> Howard

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