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Hi to all you in NZ.   Are any of you involved with Christchurch methadone 


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>             Hey all, my name is david and I’m friends with Leah and Steve. 
> Although we’ve had our ups and downs over the years, I still love you both and 
> I’m feeling incredibly proud of what you have achieved over the past month 
> or so.
>  Steve, you have blown me away mate!!!!!
>  I know you’ve always had it in ya, but to crawl out from under that rock 
> and succeed is near on a miracle from where you were at. An inspiration to 
> anyone who feels as if heavy addiction is the end of life. So bro, please take 
> this and fulfill some of that huge potential you have always promised to 
> unleash on the world.
>   Let me know if you need any help at this end.
>  …and Leah darling, well what can I say, you have made a huge step in the 
> right direction that has given me truck loads of confidence to follow in your 
> golden steps.
>  But kicking has never been your problem, its staying off, as I’m sure you’
> re well aware.
>  So darling please, please shine on you crazy diamond, I love you to bits…
> and same, if there’s anything I can do for you...
>  I’ve been speaking to the dear captain Kirk, who sounds way cool and 
> supportive as do all the souls on the list. I’m setting up myself to be ibogained 
> sometime soon, depending on my employment status, which at the moment is 
> looking a bit thin, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, 
> eh??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
>  Love and peace to you all,
>  David
>  p.s. Leah, embrace that southerly, I so miss real weather!
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