[Ibogaine] Leah!!!!

captkirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Mon Jun 12 22:58:31 EDT 2006

It's fucking cold, daytime and Tuesday.
June 21st is our shortest day, Winter Solstice.  Usually
some good dance parties happening in the middle of nowhere.
We used to hold them out country where I used to live, I was
in a band for one of them..singing (if you could call it
that lolol) it was called "Captain Kirk and a Bunch of
Wankers" one night only.....
Hope September is still hot when i get there.

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> That is so wild! It is 90 + during the day here and 70's
> at night. We are  in  summer. Are you exact opposite of us
> in States? What day and time is it now.   It is 9:50 PM
> and Monday night right now. Callie

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