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Here's a URL you may use- if you'd like, you may repost the entire piece at 
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(BTW all, if anyone has any suggestions as to someone HT might want to 
consider noting as a Freedom Fighter, someone working on bringing justice 
and/or reform to our current prohibition/incarceration mad nation, I'd be 
happy for the suggestions. I can't guarentee they'll be picked or ok'd by 
the editors, but I'm always ready to hear and read about someone's suggested 
choice. Thanks all.)

High Times Magazine's Freedom Fighter for July, 2006
Paul Wright
By Preston Peet
(Originally published in High Times Magazine,
July, 2006 issue, pg. 20- still on stands now)
posted June 12, 2006

(image- great photo of a smiling brightly Paul Wright goes here in text at 
URL, along with the rest of the article after the snip below, so be sure to 
visit and read a bit more about this most deserving and honorable High Times 
magazine  Freedom Fighter.)
PLN Founder and Editor
Paul Wright

When he entered the Washington State penal system in 1987, after receiving a 
304-month sentence for shooting a drug dealer during a robbery (the jury 
rejected his claim of self-defense), Prison Legal News founder and editor 
Paul Wright immediately recognized a dire need for a publication by and for 
prisoners, and despite having no previous journalism schooling or 
experience, he set out to fill the void. The first hand-typed, photocopied, 
10-page issue of PLN was published in Wright and Ed Mead, cooperating from 
two different prisons, in May 1990. The first three issues were banned in 
all Washington prisons, the first 18 in all Texas prisons. Still, the 
monthly magazine quickly grew to 48 pages, and each new issue now enters 
prisons and jails in all fifty states, despite frequent censorship troubles.
Read Article at above URL
Peace, love and respect,
Preston Peet

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mistaken for madness"
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