[Ibogaine] the whole "re-setting" thing

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Hiya Ladees,

Btw, large amounts of parsley can affect your menstrual cycles. It can 
make you bleed sooner than you're supposed to as its an emmenagogue 
(brings on your period and can also cause abortions), so be careful. 
You've taken too much if you can taste it in your throat afterwards 
(it's kinda metallic tasting). It can be a real good thing in small 
amounts tho, cleanses and purifies blood...



Kirk <captkirk at clear.net.nz> wrote:


Thx Martee. Love this list.

, I feel your body isn't responding to the carrot juice anymore

Fuck, I was sposed to be doing carrot juice??>?? no wonder my body isn’t 
responding to it.


Parsley yes, I know im slack with diet…..my daughter gets fed I get the 
scraps hahahahahahahha such is solo parenting and low income.




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Hey Kirk,

My observation post ibo is that the body is going through a detox 
cleansing phase..hence the 3 times a day shower funk. Through the skin 
is another way the body purges. I would think it would help you to be 
doing parsley,celery and cucumber juices, I feel your body isn't 
responding to the carrot juice anymore and these particular greens would 
be more helpful. Also eat parsley in your meal plan. Don't forget the 
olive oil in your diet. It will also help improve your skin.

Hope you are well,


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    I have a question about skin problems which kinda goes with this…..
    my skin has always been fine, using or not… but now it’s something
    out of a “worst skin diseases” manual!! Anyone else get that?
    Shovelling on the chickweed ointment to help, which it is, when I
    remember to ……..



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    Question about long-term body readjustments. I've heard a few
    inspiring reports here from people who were in wasting conditions,
    and after getting unsprung from dope et al., they've gained weight,
    more strength, etc.

    What about the reverse? Any examples of "re-setting" from say 25
    years of eating sugar along with all the other "junk," and then
    turning around 18 months post-Root-Eating and all of a sudden your
    physique looks as it did when you were 17??

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