Fw: [Ibogaine] ibogaine treatment options

Schmoolyboy at aol.com Schmoolyboy at aol.com
Sun Jun 11 00:24:41 EDT 2006

cancun is not MASH's clinic.  Any one can send patienst there and  kamlet is 
the guy who taught them how to do it. so far, they are doing a great  job 
without one single mishap and alot of great feed back. Mash does not go  there. 
Kamlet can be reached at _Kamletmd at aol.com_ (mailto:Kamletmd at aol.com)  and can 
get people in need a  discounted treatment if they are willing to really work 
the recovery thing. 
They also opened a clinic in cabo on the west coast of  Mex.
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