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Please remove me from your email list.
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  Wow! What will they think of next?! ;) Thanks!

  In a message dated 6/9/2006 12:17:05 P.M. Central Standard Time, krista.vaughan at gmail.com<mailto:krista.vaughan at gmail.com> writes:
    In like gmail you can 'thread' messages, so that a lot of messages
    with the same subject, or the same author, can show up in one 'thread'
    which looks like one piece of email and expands to many messages. I
    know thunderbird does this on windows, Outlook may do it, I've never
    checked, usually sticking with webmail. I don't know what mac's do,
    but i'm sure they have better, newer, flashier versions of everything
    ;-) thinking of taking the plunge and scraping together enough dinero
    for a new Macbook, they're really nice and at $1000 almost affordable

    What it looks like if threaded by name, is instead of 40 dumb messages
    from one dork spazzing out, there's one message with 40 messages all
    inside of it, so you can take that one message and delete it instead
    of clicking 40 deletes ;-)

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