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Tuesday turned out to be a very good day, with the self-imposed detox having almost totally completed with the end of the flu-like withdrawals. Three weeks long.  Any residual cravings are a lot easier to deal with than the punishment of withdrawals. Especially that I know what is in store if I relapse. Next miracle desired is finding a return to the company of like-minded artistically inclined technicians like I have been used to working with. The Ibogaine angels have been with me all along thoughout this ordeal, in spite of my not yet actually taking Ibogaine. I am still searching for a support-discussion group here where I live about Ibogaine as I could seriously still use a spiritual healing session.  I have started feeling like I used to in High School at this time of year and that is reviving age-old good feelings. Something missing for the past several years in my life. And I am determined not to act like an illogical idiot whenever I find something on the news that seems deserving of criticism, by not embarrassing myself with an idiot rant. Peace! I also found nearly all the music I have craved for the last year at www.beatport.com. What a Gas!
Warren Lee

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