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 Let me introduce Leah, a 42 year old woman using  morphine on and off since the age
 23. For the last 3 years has been addicted to morphine. Between 100 to 200mg a day.

 Leah is 56.6 kg and approx 5 foot 7 inches tall.

 Leah was dosed approx 10 days ago with 18mg per kg of Ibogaine HCL.

 Leah recovered pretty quick making me tea and breakfast by the 5th morning.

 A nice little trip was had and when I asked Leah about some of her experience
 she told me she couldn't tell me,..I left it at that. (but I was curious) Hmmm.

 Leah came in all unsure frightened and almost hunched over and left confident
 happy, bright and full of hope. A pretty woman.

 You go Leah. Yeaaaah.

 Thankyou for those that helped.

 Kirsty is cool and her daughter is a coolette. Awesome.

                                                                              with love, Jasen
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