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You forgot to mention that the Mission Statement says: 
"Holistica La Montana is a dream to design individual and  Complementary 
treatments to bring the body, mind and sprit into  balance."
Thankful immeasurably,
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Two  give my half cent adjusted for inflation ;) having been reading
this place  for 5 years at this point, back before most of the treatment
providers even  existed, I think it's safe to say that you can name any
treatment provider  that's out there and you'll be able to find some
psycho rants about why  they're the worst ever, balanced by some great
testimonials about why  they're the very best on the other side.
Everyone has their different pr  and take on treatment. If money doesn't
matter I think Mash's cancun is the  safest thing going, for the big
picture, I can't think of anyone better or  more affordable than Sara in
Amsterdam :) Sara has been treating people  forever and doing a amazing
job of it.

Mash has a clinic in Cancun  Mexico, their prices have magically gone
from $4000 to $6500 in the last 6  months, I guess charging what the
market will bear ;) Ibogaine Association  has a lot of people who look
like they did great there, but they also have  the biggest recorded pile
of dead bodies of any treatment provider. Iboga  therapy house was Marc
Emery's baby, there are hundreds of fun rants  archived on this list
from years back when it first started, before anyone  knew anything.
Sandra seems like cool people, but I don't know anyone who  has actually
detoxed there since they re-opened. Anybody here? In the US I  would
call Eric Taub, haven't seen him post here in a few months  though.

In comparison to a few years ago there are like a zillion  ibogaine
treatment places popping up all over the world, you have a lot  of


>From nick sandberg's site:  

Options for Treatment

- Treatment with ibogaine at the Advanced  Healing Transitions clinic in
Cancun, Mexico. Cost ~UK£2,300, (US$4000).  Visit
www.advancedhealthtransitions.com for further details. IBOGAINE'S  LEGAL

-  Treatment with ibogaine at the Healing Transitions clinic in St
Kitts, West  Indies. Cost ~UK£5,000, (US$9,000). Visit
www.healingvisions.com for  further details. GOVERNMENT LICENSED

- Medically supervised treatment  with the Ibogaine Association near San
Diego in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico.  Licensed facility. Cost $4500.
Visit www.detoxnaturally.com for further  details. IBOGAINE'S LEGAL

- IBOGA THERAPY HOUSE, Vancouver, B.C., Canada - The Iboga  Therapy
House provides Ibogaine-assisted therapy and detoxification  treatment
to those with an honest desire and deep commitment to  changing
substance use patterns in a therapeutic setting. We provide  a
supportive environment for the exploration of deeper issues  surrounding
one.s addiction through processes facilitated by an  Ibogaine
experience. The program is based on a holistic Harm Reduction  and
Health Promotion-based approach to recovery and personal  exploration
with a focus on assisting in the reintegration of the  powerful
experience that Ibogaine may catalyze. Visit  www.ibogatherapyhouse.net
for more information. NOT GOVERNMENT  LICENSED

- For information and medically supervised ibogaine treatments  in the
UK please call Hattie on 07949 262 949 or email epoptica at freeuk.com  NOT

- Edward Conn is an Ibogaine practitioner  working in London, England.
He has been treating people for four years and  was featured in the June
2004 BBC documentary facilitating a methodone  detox for BAFTA nominated
film maker David Scott at his home in London. The  film will be
available by mail order. Ed's website is  www.becomewhole.co.uk. Edward
is contactable either by telephone or e-mail  - (+44) 020 8679 2641 or
wardconn at hotmail.com NOT GOVERNMENT  LICENSED

- Ibogaine treatments in the UK and the rest of Europe, cost  GBP
600-800. concessionary cases considered.  Visit
www.ibogainetreatment.net for further details NOT GOVERMENT  LICENSED

- Ibogaine and iboga root extract treatment on Vancouver  Island by KC
for addiction and emotional trauma. Medically supervised  in-home
treatment. KC is an alcohol/substance abuse counselor and  holistic
healer with over 15 years of experience. Cost:$2000 USD.  Limited
partial scholarships available. Donations accepted for the  construction
of "IBO ETC" - Iboga earthship treatment center, fall 2006.  Contact
itcdt at hotpop.com for more details.

- Ibogaine treatment in a  Panamanian hospital. Cost - approx UK£9,000,
(US$15,000). GOVERNMENT  LICENSED Contact: Dr. Edgardo Della Sera,
Panama Ibogaine Project, Clinica  del Nino, Apdo 447, David, Chiriqui,
Republic of Panama; e-mail  ibogaine at chiriqui.com; fax: +507 777 3579

- Treatment with iboga  rootbark, Bwiti style, in France. E-mail
maurizio at iboga.org for more  details or visit www.iboga.org NOT

- Ibogaine  treatment in a Brazilian hospital. Cost - approx USK£1,800,
(US$3,000). 4-5  day treatment. Treatments have been offered here since
1997. GOVERNMENT  LICENSED Contact: Dr. Bruno Daniel Rasmussen Chaves;
e-mail  ibogaine at bol.com.br.

- Medically supervised ibogaine treatment at a  hospital in Lahore,
Pakistan with Dr Kalbe Abbas for around £1,000,  (US$1500). Contact: Dr.
Kalbe Abbas MBBS, 5-F Waris Road, Lahore, Pakistan;  Tel:
+92-042-7586712; Fax c/o Asif Zaidi: +92-042-6372700; Fax c/o  Dr.
Fayyaz: +92-042-6373228; E-mail: kabbas at brain.net.pk  GOVERNMENT

- Ibogaine treatment  via Eric Taub's "I begin again" organisation.
Based in Florida, but  operating outside of the US. Cost - UK£600-1,500,
(US$900-2,500). Visit  www.ibeginagain.org for further details. NOT

-  Medically supervised ibogaine treatment in Paris, France with Karl
Naeher  for around £1,000, (US$1900). Contact Dr Karl Naeher MA.DC,
Paris, France,  tel: +33 6 32 47 33 30 or visit
www.ibogainetreatment.com for further  details. NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED.

- SARA'S HOUSE, Breukelen,  Netherlands. Pastoral, holistic treatment
using Iboga root-extract for  addiction & emotional trauma problems.
Cost - approx Euros 1500. Sara  Glatt is a registered holistic healer
with 4 years Iboga experience who  treats clients as 'part of the
family'. Contact Sara at sara119 at xs4all.nl  to find out more. NOT

- Treatment with  Tabernanthe iboga in either the Cameroun or France.
Cost approx UK£800,  (~US$1,300). Visit www.iboga.org for further

- Ibogaine treatment in the Guatemalan Highlands. Holistic  approach.
Visit www.holisticalamontana.com for further information.  NOT

- Ibogaine treatment in South Africa. Visit  www.ibogaine.co.za for
further information. NOT GOVERNMENT  LICENSED

- Ibogaine treatment in Thailand. Visit  www.ibogainethailand.com for
further information. NOT GOVERNMENT  LICENSED

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